[Mailman-Developers] Moving to Subversion after 2.1.8 is released

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Wed Mar 15 23:09:43 CET 2006

SourceForge has recently made Subversion available to projects, and I am
planning on switching us from CVS to Subversion after the 2.1.8 release
goes out.  If you don't access the bleeding edge Mailman code in the
source repository, you probably don't care, and can ignore the rest of
this message.

If you've used Subversion before, you're well aware of the many
advantages of using it over CVS.  I'm psyched to make the switch, and
Tokio and Mark are on-board with it.  I may even start finding time to
begin hacking on the code again. :)

If you haven't used Subversion before, now's a good time to take a look.
You can start here:


You should easily be able to find Subversion clients for any major *nix
distro.  I think it's pretty easy for CVS users to learn how to use
Subversion, especially if you're mostly doing anonymous checkouts.

I will send out another message just before I make the switch.  I'm not
sure how smoothly it will go -- SF has automated the process, at least
for 'sane' CVS repositories.  Hopefully ours is sane!  Once the change
is made, I think the old CVS repository will still be available, but all
the fun stuff will be happening in the Subversion repository.


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