[Mailman-Developers] Bug? Refused subscription confirmation

g dev+lists at humph.com
Fri Mar 17 11:18:14 CET 2006

On 17 Mar 2006, at 06:37, Mark Sapiro wrote:

> I agree that it's a bug, but I think the primary bug is in an MUA that
> is generating a reply to mail
> From: smith at home.example
> and addresses it
> To: "smith at home.example" <smith at home.example>

Not exactly, it does only add the local_part and without quotes.
I have tested your regexp for a "regular" reply and it works. Of  
course it does not work with that buggy format (wherever one consider  
the bug to be...) and the fixed version is below.

> However, I have no objection to Mailman "working around" this MUA bug
> :-) by changing
> VERP_CONFIRM_REGEXP =r'^(?P<addr>[^+]+?)\+(?P<cookie>[^@]+)@.*$'
> in Defaults.py.in
> I ask though, does anyone have a better suggestion for a replacement
> than
>  r'^(\s*"[^"]*")?(?P<addr>[^+]+?)\+(?P<cookie>[^@]+)@.*$'
> or is that OK?

it is too specific as I said. This works instead:

VERP_CONFIRM_REGEXP = r'^(\s*.*)?(?P<addr>[^+]+?)\+(?P<cookie>[^@]+) 

This was checked against many formats and  probably the simpler and  
less reduntant:

VERP_CONFIRM_REGEXP = r'^(.*)?(?P<addr>[^+]+?)\+(?P<cookie>[^@]+)@.*$'

would work too. Or even:

VERP_CONFIRM_REGEXP = r'(.*)?(?P<addr>[^+]+?)\+(?P<cookie>[^@]+)@.*$'

as I do not see the point of checking for the line beginning.


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