[Mailman-Developers] Bug? Refused subscription confirmation

Giuliano Gavazzi dev+lists at humph.com
Fri Mar 17 22:35:08 CET 2006

On 17 Mar 2006, at 18:02, Mark Sapiro wrote:

> Giuliano Gavazzi wrote:
>> in the case in question, if I understood you well, the MUA (it might
>> be a webmail interface)
>> adds list-confirm+string_of_hex_digit so it does add the + and no
>> quotes.
> So where did the qoutes come from in the message you included in your
> original post?

mmm, I cannot understand where the quotes disappeared in my mind...  
Yes, you are correct, there are quotes, but for some reason I decided  
that there were none...

> (Moot anyway, since I have moved away from the regexp that matches
> quotes).
>> I am not sure I understood what ?P means here. Is
>> it a macro for "print here the value of what follows". So ?P<addr>
>> prints the confirmation address minus cookie?
> It assigns the value of what matched the expression in parentheses to
> the named variable. See <http://docs.python.org/lib/re-syntax.html>.

ah, so my expression only worked because addr is not used, while  
cookie, which is used, was correctly assigned. Whatever. I will have  
a look at that doc to understand your RE fully, thanks.

The only observation is that these errors should be probably logged,  
if not forwarded to the list admin, or they might pass undetected  
without the collaboration of attentive users.

Thanks again.


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