[Mailman-Developers] WebUI

Damien Ulrich damien.ulrich at domosys.org
Mon Apr 9 11:32:08 CEST 2007

Hi all,
First of all, thanks for this great system !!

The templates pages and other generated one have integrated design 
ex :
table bgcolor="#FFFFFF"
I propose to transform html pages with "div" formatting to separate code and 
Example in joint- files

On the other hand, has anyone thought of transformation of the mails into XML 
files storage (piped postfix posting as it actually is) ?
We could then transform them into XHTML with XSLT, to have a forum-like 
archives browsing, [or to have a blog system (with comments posting)],
keeping the mailing-list feature.
I think you already thought of that.


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