[Mailman-Developers] kwotidian.com

Fred Leber fred at kwotidian.com
Tue Apr 10 15:45:26 CEST 2007

Dear Mailman Developers,


I am looking to put together a team for Kwotidian.com, a

startup which will create and distribute bilingual language

development email. Kwotidian will use Mailman and we need 1-3

persons to handle the technical side.


The idea for Kwotidian began with a company named Wordburger in

1999. Wordburger sent out bite-size, witty, bilingual language

lessons. Subscribers learned a few useful English words each

day. Wordburger grew rapidly to 140,000 subscribers who wanted 

to learn or improve their English, 95% of whom were in non-English

speaking countries. Our most successful edition was the

Chinese, with 55,000 subscribers. We shut down in 2001 because 

our primary revenue model at that time was advertising and the

reputation of internet advertising had gone down the drain. Now 

we intend to try again. The goal is not to have hundreds of 

thousands of subscribers  -  it is to have millions of subscribers.

Kwotidian.com needs a small team whose essential ingredient is

enthusiasm and energy. Mailman and html experience would be 

good and experience with international character set encodings would

be desirable but not essential.


Kwotidian is not yet operational but the basic idea and a

sample Kwotidian daily message can be seen at kwotidian.com.


Please get in touch with me if you are interested. I will be

glad to provide more details.


Fred Leber

Williamstown, Massachusetts USA

fred at kwotidian.com

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