[Mailman-Developers] [patch] Spam report functionality

Ian Eiloart iane at sussex.ac.uk
Fri Aug 10 11:31:01 CEST 2007

--On 10 August 2007 02:26:45 +0200 Rick van der Zwet 
<rick at wzoeterwoude.net> wrote:

> Hi All,
> 	The patch attached (created against 2.1.9), will add functionality
> where the moderator is  able to report a moderated message as spam. This
> message will than either be stored on the disk or will be send -to a in
> the config- definable email address.
> Together will a small shell script it will be pretty easy to load this
> message into a spam learning program like sa-learn.
> This will make the moderators more happy, cause they are able to
> contribute to the improvement of the spam filter. I do believe this will
> gradually lower the amount of false negatives, cause having people to
> teach the spam filter is great :-)

That's nice. Don't forget that you need to show good email as well as spam, 
otherwise SA will believe everything is spam.

> Best regards,
> /Rick

Ian Eiloart
IT Services, University of Sussex

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