[Mailman-Developers] lowercase in mailman create function

Lawren Quigley-Jones lawrenqj at gmail.com
Thu Oct 4 16:52:07 CEST 2007

I'm sorry if this issue was already addressed in later versions of mailman.
I'm running debian etch and the mailman deb:
dpkg -l | grep mailman
ii  mailman                    2.1.9-7                         Powerful,
web-based mailing list manager

I wrote a majordomo like interface for mailman which allows users to perform
some backwards compatible functions via email, and access some information,
like subscribed lists and owned lists via a web interface.

When I released the interface to users, one of the first things a user did
was to use all caps in the list they were attempting to create.  My script
verifies that the list doesn't already exist:
if Utils.list_exists(listName):

which it didn't and then passes it into the mailman Create function.

mlist.Create(listName, listOwner, listPasswordHash )

There were no errors in the create process.  The problem was that the list
was actually a duplicate of an existing list which obviously wasn't in all
caps.  Since the process by which mailman gets the list configuration seems
to be case insensitive, both lists would access the old config, so
functionally I had two references to the same list.

The solution to the problem was to just .lower() the listName string at the
top of the list create function, but it might make sense to lower the string
in the Create function as mailman is not case sensitive after that point.

Let me know if you'd like me to open a bug for this issue...

-Lawren Quigley-Jones
 lawrenqj at gmail.com

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