[Mailman-Developers] lowercase in mailman create function

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Oct 5 21:51:09 CEST 2007

Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:

>Mark Sapiro writes:
> > Thanks for the report. I don't think it's necessary to open a bug. I'll
> > fix it without a bug in the tracker,
>Up to you, but it is useful to people with lower versions to be able
>to see that the bug has been reported, and what progress is being made,
>in the tracker.

Good point.

> > but I would like some feedback if
> > anyone has any opinion on the best place to do it, i.e., the Create()
> > method, Utils.list_exists(), both or somewhere else.
>IMO, fix it in Utils.list_exists() and call that from the Create() method.

I realized that only fixes the problem of creating a list with an
upper/mixed case name where the lower case name already exists.

We still need to make sure that we only create lists with lower case
names in the first place. The API which is the Create() method needs
to enforce this. So, I'm inclined to lower-case the name provided to
Create(), but also lower-case the name provided to Utils.list_exists().

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