[Mailman-Developers] lowercase in mailman create function

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Mon Oct 8 00:17:02 CEST 2007

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Barry Warsaw wrote:
> I'm actually not convinced this is a bug, but a problem with the client
> of Create() and list_exists().

I did say in my original reply in this thread:
| Lower casing the listname before calling Create() is what bin/newlist
| and Mailman/Cgi/create.py do, so I could say that not doing that is a
| misuse of the Create() method ...

> The problem is that once you lowercase
> the list name in those two methods, you might have to start lowercasing
> them in an API that might get called via script, web, or email.  I
> really don't think we need viral .lower() calls all over the place.
> It's tempting to lowercase in Create() but I think it's better to
> lowercase the list names at the edges of the system, in much the same
> way that we should be converting strings to unicode at the edges of the
> system.  This means that Lawren's email and web extensions should be
> doing the lowercasing there.

I agree, but the problem remains that upper and mixed case internal
names don't work because of the many user interfaces that lower case the
name before accessing the list. So, what does Create() do when asked to
create a list with a non-lower case name?

1) Go ahead and create it.
2) Lower case the name and create that.
3) Raise raise Errors.BadListNameError.

Presently it does 1), but I think 2) is better and perhaps 3) is best.

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