[Mailman-Developers] Enabling topics with only one topic: can't exclude topic?

Barry Warsaw barry at list.org
Wed Aug 6 19:27:47 CEST 2008

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On Aug 6, 2008, at 1:04 PM, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:

> The bzr developers are considering splitting their Mailman list into a
> -dev and a -user list, but they don't like that because they feel it
> would split their community in an undesirable way.  So the proposal is
> to create a [codereview] topic which gets workflow-related posts
> (nitty-gritty coding style comments as well as automatically generated
> messages from a patch queue manager).  Most users aren't going to be
> interested in these, but will be interested in bug reports and their
> resolutions, and in design discussions, which will not get an explicit
> topic.
> So many users would like to select *only* messages *without* explicit
> topic.  The quoted post claims that appears to be impossible.  Seems
> like a bug to me, either in the topic feature (if it *is* impossible)
> or in the page template documenting usage.

JAM pinged me in private irc and he's going to try to create a dummy  
topic which users can subscribe to to essentially filter out the  
codereview tags.  It's a bit tricky because you have to create a  
negative regexp that's narrower than .* for the dummy topic.

I think underneath the u/i it might not be difficult to support a  
"don't subscribe to this topic" setting.  That's something for 2.2  
though, as I think it's a new feature.

- -Barry

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