[Mailman-Developers] Web Interface to Mailman using Zope

Daniel Harris sourcedaniel at gmail.com
Tue Aug 12 22:17:05 CEST 2008


I have put together a proof-of-concept UI to Mailman using Zope.  It
currently implements two functions: viewing a list of lists and creating
a new list.  I am announcing this to the developers' list:
o to see if there is interest in using Zope / Plone as the basis for
  a user interface
o to enquire about how I might best continue this work.

I created the prototype to start exploring whether Plone and Mailman
could be integrated to support a community organisation I'm working
with.  In particular, I wanted participants to be able to:
o manage their mailing list subscriptions through Plone
o view mailing list messages through Plone, email or RSS
o send messages to mailing lists by email or Plone.

The implementation comprises a Zope product, a bridge, and a server that
provides access to Mailman functions.  I'm currently using Corba for
the bridge as I'm not familiar with REST - but I am planning to transfer
to the REST interface as its implementation develops.  The interface
(around five entries) provides access to Mailman functions to list
mailing lists, create a mailing list and list available languages.
Additional functions are defined to check the arguments used to create
a new list - these functions are used by the ZPT page to display errors
needing correction to the end user.

Your advice and comments are requested.  I have read through previous
discussions and documents about the web interface in the mailing lists
and on the developers' wiki.


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