[Mailman-Developers] bounce problem w/ 2.1.11rc1 and GMail

Fil fil at rezo.net
Sun Jun 15 02:57:33 CEST 2008

> Bounce recognition in 2.1.11rc1 is the same as in all the 2.1.10 beta,
> candidate and final releases.

Hi Mark,

in fact I was living with 2.1.6b (ouch!) up till today, and I had
disabled the bounce processors; I just upgraded tonight and am
checking logs and stuff...

> If it is a real bounce, send it to me, and I'll update the recognizers.

Seem real. I'm sending them to you.

Also, reading the code, I understand that the
.getDeliveryStatusChangeTime method is not used anywhere (except in
bin/export.py and Mailman/Commands/cmd_set.py); wouldn't it be
sensible to remove it altogether?

-- Fil

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