[Mailman-Developers] bounce info not updating in MM 2.1.11rc1 + patch

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue Jun 17 16:48:12 CEST 2008

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Barry Warsaw wrote:
| On Jun 16, 2008, at 4:01 AM, Fil wrote:
|> (always with MysqlMemberships.py)
|> I noticed that my bounce info stays in the database at level 1, even
|> when the logs say "current bounce score: 2.0"
|> In Mailman/Bouncer.py I think that two self.setBounceInfo(member,
|> info) are missing:
|> --- Mailman/Bouncer.save.py     2008-06-16 10:00:17.000000000 +0200
|> +++ Mailman/Bouncer.py  2008-06-16 10:00:43.000000000 +0200
|> @@ -137,6 +137,7 @@ class Bouncer:
|>             if lastbounce + self.bounce_info_stale_after < now:
|>                 # Information is stale, so simply reset it
|>                 info.reset(weight, day,
|> self.bounce_you_are_disabled_warnings)
|> +                self.setBounceInfo(member, info)
|>                 syslog('bounce', '%s: %s has stale bounce info,
|> resetting',
|>                        self.internal_name(), member)
|>             else:
|> @@ -144,6 +145,7 @@ class Bouncer:
|>                 # score and take any necessary action.
|>                 info.score += weight
|>                 info.date = day
|> +                self.setBounceInfo(member, info)
|>                 syslog('bounce', '%s: %s current bounce score: %s',
|>                        self.internal_name(), member, info.score)
|>             # Continue to the check phase below
| This makes some sense.  I don't know anything about the
| MysqlMembership.py adapter, but unlike the pickle-based standard
| adapter, it probably needs this call to mark the object as modified so
| that it will be stored in the db on the next save.  The standard adapter
| doesn't need this, because it's just going to pickle whatever the
| current state is.
| The patch is a bit icky, but probably useful and I don't think it can
| hurt the standard adapter.

This was discussed at length in October, 1985 in the thread that begins

In particular, see my post at
for an alternate patch which I thought was more complete. As I note in
that post, I was new to Mailman at that time and was reluctant to commit
that patch without additional input. In fact, I think I only acquired
commit privileges during the time of that thread.

In any case, I'll revisit it now for inclusion in 2.1.11.


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