[Mailman-Developers] bounce info not updating in MM 2.1.11rc1 + patch

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue Jun 17 22:37:57 CEST 2008

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Mark Sapiro wrote:
| In particular, see my post at

| for an alternate patch which I thought was more complete. As I note in
| that post, I was new to Mailman at that time and was reluctant to commit
| that patch without additional input. In fact, I think I only acquired
| commit privileges during the time of that thread.
| In any case, I'll revisit it now for inclusion in 2.1.11.

See the attached Bouncer.patch.txt file for the current patch.

I think there are problems with Fil's patch posted here. In particular,
I think that when a user is disabled for bounce, the re-enable cookie
won't be stored in the bounce_info which I think is not too significant,
but I also think that the updated info.noticesleft in the
sendNextNotification() method is not saved which, if I am right will
mean that no bouncing member is ever unsubscribed - they just keep
getting periodic notices forever.

I think there was also a problem with my original patch in that it
didn't reset bounce info when a probe was sent, but I don't think this
is too significant.

I have tested this patch with OldStyleMemberships.py and it appears to
cause no regression. I also installed it in a production system using
OldStyleMemberships.py and will be monitoring that, but of course this
doesn't say anything about how it works with MysqlMemberAdaptor.py or
any other which saves bounce info outside the list instance.

Fil, I would appreciate your trying the attached patch instead of the
one you're using and reporting the results.


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