[Mailman-Developers] How To change queue process method

Maickel Pandie maickel.pandie at gmail.com
Thu Jun 19 05:47:12 CEST 2008

I'm sory, but I have to do this research.
There is a case:
a lot of people using mailing list server to distribute many kind of
file to their group. The important things are a lot of group using
mailing list to distribute a big file but not urgent such as big
resolution picture, movie, etc. there also a group using mailing list
for work like distributing their report(pdf, doc, odt (small file))
and they need it to be delivered fast. The bandwidth is not so big to
deliver a lot of big file fast so I'm doing this research. This is my
kind of job now to research something like this despite this is not
important but I have to do it and make the report for the result.

Thanks for your help

2008/6/18 Mark Sapiro <mark at msapiro.net>:
> Maickel Pandie wrote:
>>1. Can you give me the example of dequeue metadata file to get the
>>listname of the message please? I need the listname of the message
>>because I made my own function to count how many domain as the
>>destination of the message and the input of that function is listname
> You are creating a huge can of worms, however if you insist ...
> In the files() method, you don't want to dequeue the message because
> while that will get you the message and the metadata, it will also
> remove the queue entry (actually rename it from .pck to .bak). I
> suppose you could then rename the .bak back to .pck, but since files()
> is really only in the business of preparing a list of entries to be
> dequeued by a runner, I think it is best to read the pickle (if you
> must) without dequeueing it in the files() method.
> So you would do something like:
>    msg = cPickle.load(fp)
>    data = cPickle.load(fp)
> Then the list name is data.get('listname')
>>2. Can you give me any suggestion how to get attachment file size from
>>each message?
> You can look at the "Is the message too big?" code in
> Mailman/Handlers/Hold.py.
>>3. Is there any function in mailman who can give me the size of the
>>message? What variable that I need to get the size of the message?
>>(filename, listname, filebase, or other variabel)
> With msg and data as above
>    if data.get('_parsemsg'):
>        size = len(msg)
>    else:
>        size = len(msg.as_string())
> Ask yourself if the cost of all this extra work is not greater than
> whatever you think you're going to save.
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