[Mailman-Developers] needs explanation of the interactionbetween"site list" and bounces

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sat Jun 21 22:36:20 CEST 2008

Mark Sapiro wrote:
>There are certain other complications to avoid the loop that will
>result if a list owner sets the list-bounces address as the 'owner'
>address. This is avoided by looking for an X-BeenThere: header for the
>list in the headers of the 'bounce'. The theory is that no real bounce
>will have any X-BeenThere: header, so if this does, it came directly
>from the list to the list-bounces address. In this case, it isn't
>processed as a bounce, but is sent directly to the sitelist-owner with
>envelope fron sitelist-loop.

Ooops. It isn't sent to sitelist-owner. It is sent to the site list.

>There is no case where an unrecognized bounce should go to the site
>list itself unless the sitelist is the owner of the sitelist or of the
>list that sent the bounced message.

Wrong!  If any message comes to bounce processing that is To: the
sitelist-bounces address (i.e., a bounce of a list-owner message or a
bounce of a message from the site list) or is for a list but has an
X-BeenThere header for that list, it will be sent to the site list
(not the site list owner) with envelope from sitelist-loop.

Note that this means that normal bounce processing doesn't work for the
site list. This shouldn't be a real hardship because members of the
site list should all be Mailman admins with good addresses anyway.

The problem that makes this necessary is that when a bounce arrives, we
can't really tell in every case where the original, bounced message
was sent or even if it is a real DSN.

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