[Mailman-Developers] needs explanation of the interaction between "site list" and bounces

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sun Jun 22 05:19:58 CEST 2008

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| Mark Sapiro wrote:
|>There are certain other complications to avoid the loop that will
|>result if a list owner sets the list-bounces address as the 'owner'
|>address. This is avoided by looking for an X-BeenThere: header for the
|>list in the headers of the 'bounce'. The theory is that no real bounce
|>will have any X-BeenThere: header, so if this does, it came directly
|>from the list to the list-bounces address. In this case, it isn't
|>processed as a bounce, but is sent directly to the sitelist-owner with
|>envelope fron sitelist-loop.
| Ooops. It isn't sent to sitelist-owner. It is sent to the site list.

I've revisited this code in BounceRunner.py and recalled all the
misgivings I had the last time I looked at it.

Fil and I have been having an off-list exchange about some messages he
has seen from a Domino/Lotus server that appears to return a proper DSN
except several headers from the bounced message including the List-*
headers, Mailman-Version: and X-BeenThere: are included in the message
headers of the DSN itself (not just the part of the DSN that contains
the original message).  This triggered the loop detection logic and
mishandled the DSN.

I have now changed this code in two ways. I don't rely on X-BeenThere:
to detect a potential loop, and I do send these list-owner and looping
bounces to the site list owners rather than the site list.

A patch to BounceRunner.py incorporating these changes and the list-name
logging changes from the "better logging of undiscernable bounces"
thread is attached and will be in 2.1.11rc2 next week.

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