[Mailman-Developers] Web UI redux

Ian Eiloart iane at sussex.ac.uk
Thu Mar 6 18:04:00 CET 2008

--On 4 March 2008 17:57:42 -0500 Ethan Fremen <i at mindlace.net> wrote:

> Hiya!
> After an embarrassingly long absence, I am going to try again to make
> some progress on the web ui front.
> Barry said in an earlier message that there's no web UI for mm3: my
> first impulse is to start on something there.
> I was humbled enough by my first experience trying to make progress on
> this that I will happily start with anything that y'all think is "low
> hanging fruit" just so I can get something committed that can actually
> be used.

a) There was mention that an archive browser is required.

b) An easy way for list members to unsubscribe is a legal requirement here 
in the UK, so that should should also be a priority. The current mechanism 
is *way* too complicated (even though it probably looks fairly simple to 
most of us). It needs (a) a simple form where I can enter my email address, 
and click unsubscribe so that I'm then emailed a verification link, and (b) 
a confirmation page as the target of that link, which (a) tells me that I'm 
unsubscribed, (b) allows me to optionally suspend mailings instead, (c) 
gives me some way to see what other lists I'm subscribed to, perhaps with 
the option to apply settings to all of them. It should also be very simple 
to apply site specific page headers, footers and styles.

c) List subscription, with captchas, would be useful. Simple option 
management would also be good: daily digests,

d) Simple list management: perhaps with styles "announcement only", "closed 
discussion", "open discussion". Subscribe (by invitation, with 
notification, no notification), and unsubscribe).

> Thanks,
> ~ethan fremen
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Ian Eiloart
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