[Mailman-Developers] before next release: disable backscatter indefault installation

Cristóbal Palmer cmpalmer at metalab.unc.edu
Thu Mar 27 01:18:43 CET 2008

On Wed, Mar 26, 2008 at 12:14:58PM -0700, Jo Rhett wrote:
> So I'm here, wasting my time, trying to get this solved so that just maybe
> we won't be forced to all migrate to web forums.  Which would suck. 

Yes, that would suck. I encourage you to please continue engaging this
list and the developers, but would caution you that you've already
caused at least three people to think you're being overly

So far I see documentation and some good scripts for fixing problems
on existing systems coming out of this conversation. Please let's make
improving that documentation and making 2.2 and 3.0 good by your
standards a priority.

Jo, would you please be willing to take the lead in improving this
wiki page:


since it looks rather stubbish? If you're willing to lead by example
on the documentation and 2.2, your argument would likely come off a
bit better. Now, if your goal is a public telling-off of the mailman
team, I think you've already made that clear enough. Can we move on?

At ibiblio we host 500+ lists, including 41 cc- (creative commons)
lists. Jumping from mailman to something else would be incredibly
painful. We run on donations and we host sites like etree, groklaw,
gutenberg... we could use your help if we're going to continue to do
what we do. This open source world is a group effort that runs largely
on good will and sharing. Your currency here often isn't valid if it
doesn't come with a smile.

So please, I *very* much respect what you're trying to do. Your
contributions so far have been incredibly valuable. Point your guns at
the wiki and 2.2 now, eh?

That said, if 2.2 doesn't make progress on the backscatter front,
ibiblio will have to re-evaluate its options. Specifically, I'd love
to see the aliases and List- headers dealt with, both in terms of the
defaults and in terms of providing documentation/tools for helping
existing installations get up to snuff.

Cristóbal Palmer
ibiblio.org systems administrator

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