[Mailman-Developers] mm-handler 2.1.10 (was: before next release:disable backscatter in default installation)

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Fri Mar 28 23:53:38 CET 2008

Kenneth Porter wrote:
>I made some tweaks and discovered it won't work with a list with a dash in 
>the name, due to the regex used to extract the action suffix. Can someone 
>more nimble with regex let me know how to adjust it?
>I also changed the "printf STDERR" to syslog to my maillog.
>Here's the before/after regex:
><       if ($addr =~ /(.*)-(.*)\+.*$/) {
>>       if ($addr =~ /(.*)-([^-]+)\+.*$/) {

Actually, all the regexps are 'wrong' in that they will parse a
local_part such as my-list into a listname of 'my' and a suffix of
'list' ($list and $cmd in the terminology of the module). The original
contrib/mm_handler recovered from that by saying if the suffix didn't
match something in the @validfields array, then the listname was the
whole thing and the command was 'post'

The revised version appears to do a similar thing, so I'm not sure what
the problem is.

Can you be more specific about the list name and the failure? I.e.,
what is the local_part of the address that fails and what does
split_addr(local_part) return (or what error is logged)?

BTW, the old regexps from contrib/mm-handler

/(.*)-(.*)\+.*$/ and /(.*)-(.*)$/

and the new regexps

/(.*)-([^-]+)\+.*$/ and /(.*)-([^-]+)$/

are virtually equivalent. The only difference is they require at least
one character in the second group. The fact that they don't allow a
'-' in the second group is irrelevant since the first group is greedy
and will eat up all but the last '-' anyway.

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