[Mailman-Developers] Storm based MemberAdaptor for Mailman

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Mon Aug 10 04:48:58 CEST 2009

On Aug 8, 2009, at 4:25 AM, Malveeka Tewari wrote:

> I am working on writing a storm based member adaptor for mailman so  
> that the
> mailman membership data can be stored in a database instead of .pck  
> files.
> The reason for choosing storm is that it provides an abstraction to  
> use any
> underlying db language- either mysql, postgresql or sqllite.

I'm a big fan of Storm.  It's the ORM used in Mailman 3 and I've had a  
lot of good success with it.

Please note that this new member adapter cannot go officially into  
Mailman 2.1, but I do think it might be useful for Mailman 2.2,  
probably as unofficial contrib, though Mark may want to weigh in on  
that.  Because the schema is so different in Mailman 3 and we already  
use Storm, this won't be relevant for that branch.

> The ideal case would be to use only a database and no pickle files for
> Memberships data but I have not reached there.
> I had tried to read and use  the data from the database instead of  
> pickle
> files and that had broken my Mailman  which leaves me with  few  
> questions

Are you using Pickle() fields for non-scalar data types?  (i.e. lists  
and dictionaries).  Of course, you don't gain from relational data  
that way, but it's still useful.

> In OldStyleMemberships.py the lower cased email address is used as a  
> key for
> accessing the membership properties.
> However in my schema, I am using the (listname, case preserved email
> address) as the PK.
> Is it possible that not storing and using  LCE as a key might break
> something.

 From OldStyleMembership's (very loose) contract, I think the answer  
is "yes".  It doesn't matter so much how you store things in the  
database, but you will have to honor the contract that the  
MemberAdapter.py promises.

> I also want to make sure that in the database I am caturing all the
> Memberships data. Presently my database uses the following class as  
> a storm
> abstraction for the database. Do I need to add/remove anything?
> class PgsqlMembers(object):
>    __storm_table__ = "mailman_test"
>    __storm_primary__ =  "listname","address"
>    listname = Unicode()
>    address = Unicode()
>    password = Unicode()
>    lang = Unicode()
>    name = Unicode()
>    digest = Unicode()
>    delivery_status = Int()
>    user_options = Int()
>    topics_userinterest = Unicode()
>    bounce_info = Unicode()
>    delivery_status_timestamp = Unicode()

When I was creating the schemas for MM3, I basically had to inspect  
OldStyleMembership.py to see what fields it requires, then fix things  
as tests broke.  MM2 has the great disadvantage that there isn't a  
usable test suite.  This is fixed in MM3.  So I think you're left to  
manual testing until it basically works for you. :(


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