[Mailman-Developers] RELEASED GNU Mailman 3.0 alpha 3 (Working Man)

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Sat Aug 22 20:25:52 CEST 2009

Shouldn't these release messages for 3.0 alphas redirect to

Barry Warsaw writes:

 > Please note that this is an alpha release and as such is not ready for  
 > production use.
 > You can get the code from the Cheeseshop:

And do what with it?  Check it in to a git repo, right?  I mean, you
did say you were looking forward to content contributions! ;-)

So, let's be modern and check it out from Launchpad.


(1) Debian stable doesn't have Python2.6.  *sigh*  (Not your fault,
    but it's now 0237, and I'm in a bitchin' mood and even Pure
    Prairie League doesn't make me feel better.)

(2) README.txt refers to a bunch of files in docs/readme/ that don't
    exist (including the directory itself).  If you're planning to
    reorganize the docs directory, now might be as good a time as any
    to fix the README.  If you plan to populate it instead, you could
    add a note that volunteers to write the as yet nonexistent docs
    would be welcome.

(3) docs/ALPHA.txt says you need an unofficial branch of lazr.config
    ... which doesn't seem to exist:

    $ bzr branch lp:~barry/lazr.config/megamerge
    You have not informed bzr of your Launchpad ID, and you must do this to
    write to Launchpad or access private data.  See "bzr help launchpad-login".
    http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~barry/lazr.config/megamerge/ is permanently redirected to
    bzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~barry/lazr.config/megamerge/".

    Oh, OK, it's private data or something.  OK, so we try telling bzr
    about our LP ID and try again:

    $ bzr branch lp:~barry/lazr.config/megamerge
    The authenticity of host 'bazaar.launchpad.net (' can't be established.
    RSA key fingerprint is 9d:38:3a:63:b1:d5:6f:c4:44:67:53:49:2e:ee:fc:89.
    Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? yes
    Warning: Permanently added 'bazaar.launchpad.net,' (RSA)
    to the list of known hosts.
    Permission denied (publickey).
    bzr: ERROR: Connection closed: Unexpected end of message. Please check
    connectivity and permissions, and report a bug if problems persist. 

*sigh* I guess I'll just be a good little boy and get the PyPI
package, but ... nah, I'll just go to bed and when I wake up I'll
discover it was all a bad dream, right?

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