[Mailman-Developers] Proposed: remove address-obfuscation code from Mailman 3

C Nulk CNulk at scu.edu
Mon Aug 31 22:39:20 CEST 2009

Barry Warsaw wrote:
> On Aug 31, 2009, at 1:15 PM, C Nulk wrote:
>> I am pretty sure allowing the raw email addresses to be available is
>> going to go over like a lead balloon here.  Anything (however minor) to
>> help protect the users/clients email addresses is helpful despite what
>> others think.  It is fine if someone considers the obfuscation that
>> Mailman uses is trivial, however, anything I can do to make it harder or
>> more computationally time-invested to get the email address is better
>> than giving it away.  Sure bots are out there but if what I do helps
>> slow down someones system to make them look at it (and hopefully get rid
>> of the bot), then great.   But at least give me the choice to be able to
>> do it.
> Agreed.
>> I happened to like Barry's (?) earlier comment about the "send me this
>> message" link.  Or maybe "send my message to the original poster" link
>> where you can click on the link, compose your message, and send it
>> through Mailman all without the original sender's address.  Mailman or
>> whatever process can figure out the original sender and pass on the your
>> message.  Yes, I know it is more work that is why we have computers :)
> The difficult part about the latter is that I hate web interfaces for
> reading/composing email (Gmail included).  I want to use my mail
> reader for that!

Actually, I had more of a mailto style link in mind that sends the
message to the list (run by Mailman naturally) and as part of the
body/subject include an encrypted form of the message id (providing it
is unique).   You would use your mail client to read/compose.  Maybe
something similar to a list's listname-bounces address but with the
message id could be done.  Don't know.  Mailman would receive your
message, decrypt the message id, look up the message, then forward your
message to the original sender. 

I am not particularly fond of web interfaces for reading/composing
email.  Well, maybe when I travel overseas without a laptop, then it is
minimally okay.

>> As for using robots.txt, hmm, it is not the legitimate search engines I
>> care about, it is the search engines/crawlers that do not respect my
>> robots.txt file that I care about.  If I had an effective way to
>> consistently identify those non-legitimate crawlers, I would add what I
>> needed to drop them into my firewall as I recognized them.
> Agreed.
> -Barry
Now, totally off-topic, anyone have a recommendation for a book on
learning Python so I am no longer truly dangerous, just slightly.


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