[Mailman-Developers] USE_ENVELOPE_SENDER

Barry Warsaw barry at list.org
Tue Feb 10 21:59:10 CET 2009

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On Feb 9, 2009, at 5:43 AM, Ian Eiloart wrote:

> I'm not sure whether I do use it, but I think I should.
> Most of our list users are in our own domain. That domain certainly  
> is less spoofable in the envelope, because we don't accept mail from  
> our domain unless it's been through our servers. We don't get spam  
> with sussex.ac.uk in the envelope sender domain.
> With SPF records now widely published, including by several large  
> free email service providers, it's certainly within the power of  
> sites to validate the envelope sender address of much of their  
> inbound email. Losing this facility now would be a great shame.
> I certainly don't see how having the option can do much harm.
> It might be worth adding code to support BATV, if it isn't there  
> already.

MM3 does not yet support this.

So, I've landed a branch that gets rid of the MM3 equivalent to  
USE_ENVELOPE_SENDER, but it will still be possible to consider the  
MAIL FROM or Sender addresses in preference to From, if you wanted  
to.  I've implemented a site admin definable header lookup scheme so  
you can define the order that headers are considered.  By default it's  
From:, MAIL FROM, Reply-To, Sender.  This is a global order just like  
U_E_S was.


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