[Mailman-Developers] Short introduction & request for input

Patrick Ben Koetter p at state-of-mind.de
Mon Mar 2 22:47:05 CET 2009

Mailman Developers,

I've recently sent the one or the other mail to this mailing list concerning
Mailman and Postfix as well as development of a new web interface for MM3.

You might have wondered who I am and why I started posting to the MM developer
list without any introduction. Please let me make up for this now.

My name is Patrick Ben Koetter. People who use Postfix may now my name from my
involvement in the Postfix community. At LISA'07 I was asked by Brad Knowles
to join the Python postmaster team, which I did a few months ago.

This involved introducing myself to Barry and we started talking about MM3
development, the webinterface, the plan for a REST client/server architecture

To cut things short we - my business partner Andreas and Florian, who's been
working with us for years - will attend the Mailman sprint at Pycon 2009. The
plan is to introduce us to MM3 code and architecture and start to develop a
new web interface based on a REST client/server architecture.

Andreas and Florian will focus on programming and I will work on the web
interface, documentation etc.

I hope this gives an idea what our motivation is about and why you (hopefully)
are going to see more posts from us to this list in the next time.

To start let me ask you for your input on MM3 web interface plans. Barry told
me several plans/feature/wish lists have been written and that he would like
them to be the base for further development.

So far I have found the following links:

Do you know of more?


p at rick

We hope to meet all of you at Pycon 2009!

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