[Mailman-Developers] MM3: Content filter rules

Barry Warsaw barry at list.org
Wed Mar 4 04:03:35 CET 2009

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On Mar 3, 2009, at 1:46 PM, Adam McGreggor wrote:

>> This isn't an area I've addressed  yet, but customizable messages
>> needs to be thought about, especially when multilingual rejection
>> messages are considered.
> I'd not thought about that, but presumably, that's something that  
> can be
> addressed via the standard "stanza-in-a-po-file" method?
> I've not got any multi-lingual lists running (yet), and am a bit in  
> the
> dark here (although, i rejoined the users/devs lists over an i18n
> issue, oddly enough)

The thing is, I think Mailman has a pretty good story for multilingual  
system messages, such as canned strings in the source.  We're okay,  
but will do better with the web templates.  But it's the strings that  
come from users that I think need to be handled.  For example, say you  
wanted a list description for your French list in both French and  
English, right now you can't do that.  I'd like for it to be possible  
to set those kinds of messages in multiple languages.

>>> Maybe I should draw what I'd like...
>>> Perhaps (shudder), allowing an over-ride to let *some* users use a
>>> specified content, whilst rejecting for others...
>>> Have I over-complicated things? Or am I barking mad?
>> I'm not sure per-user filters are feasible.  I'm also not sure you
>> want to see 35 or more checkboxes on the whitelist/blacklist page.
> Fair point that, yes. Perhaps not in a listing per the current set-up,
> but perhaps some sort of 'advanced/more' settings giving the  
> options? I
> dunno. I could see DB hackery becoming quite messy (particularly if
> allowing given email addresses different settings for different lists)

I've thought more about this, and I've also gotten the current module  
working again.  Ultimately I think fleshing out the plugin  
architecture will be the right thing here, and then I can migrate the  
current mime-delete module into a plugin (well, a built-in plugin).   
It should be easy for others to write handlers that can do MIME filter  
in different ways.


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