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Patrick Ben Koetter p at state-of-mind.de
Mon Mar 23 15:20:38 CET 2009

* Barry Warsaw <barry at list.org>:
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> On Mar 23, 2009, at 9:47 AM, Patrick Ben Koetter wrote:
>> I think it makes sense to simplify the interface and have only one  
>> login page,
>> but ...
>> Subscribers need to provide their mail address (authentication  
>> identity) and
>> their password. Admin and moderators currently don't have to.
> This is broken, for many reasons.  It's this way because MM2 doesn't  
> have a notion of roles, so "admin" and "moderator" is defined solely  
> because you know a password.  This password is shared among all people  
> sharing that role, which is another reason why this is broken.


> Ideally, (in MM3) Mailman would have accounts, which would be separate  
> from but linked with the email addresses it manages for lists and such.  
> It should be separate in the sense that authentication information may 
> come from external systems, e.g. your content management user accounts, 
> or Launchpad, or OpenID, etc.

Yes, I think a role model is a good idea and using external services is IMO a
good idea too.

>> If we had only one login page, would that require admin and moderators to
>> provide an authentication identity too and not only their password?  (At
>> the moment I believe this would be a benefit. One could have more than one
>> admin without having them share one password.)
>> Would that break any upgrade compatibility for none MM3 lists?
> Let's worry only about MM3 lists here.  We'll have to deal with  
> upgrading/importing from MM2 at some point, but if possibly I'd like to 
> not compromise the MM3 design with worrying about importing from MM2.

Fine. I will work with a unified login model then.

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