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Anna Granudd anna.granudd at gmail.com
Thu Aug 5 16:32:27 CEST 2010

Hi Adam,
you were really fast to comment, I had intended to send an email to the list
asking for people's opinions but you beat me on that. :) I think your
suggestions are great (and I really appreciate them) but I'm not sure I
fully understand the intent behind at least one of them so I figured I had
to get back to you.

On Thu, Aug 5, 2010 at 2:32 PM, Adam McGreggor <adam-mailman at amyl.org.uk>wrote:

> What that's missing to me is:
>    *   a password change option;

The password field was intended for the possibility to change the password
(I forgot to add a field "confirm password" but I added that now as well as
changed the label for the password field to "change password").

>    *   a password reset option;

Since you need to be logged in to come to this page I think the password
reset option might be better suited on the login page since I guess people
would rather use it if they forgot their password and if that's the case
adding such a field here wouldn't help much.

>    *   a list of "my email addresses";

This is what I don't fully understand. I now added a drop-down menu with "my
email addresses" but I'm not sure this is what you asked for since I don't
fully understand the intent behind this suggestion. Is it to be able to
change email addresses or just to view them (I'm also not sure what'll be
possible in Mailman)? For the latter the drop down menu to just view the
list might work and one could also possibly set one address to default but
to change them we'd need something different. Should it rather be located on
the membership settings page or on the user settings page?

>      *   the ability to set language for the lists, rather than

       settings, or perhaps change 'Language' to 'Default/Prefered
>          Language'

I changed the label to "Default/Preferred Language", hope that's ok?

   It'd be nice if clicking on a list where one's an admin/moderator,

     there was a special link or something to take one to those options

     for the list.

I added a link on the first membership page that'll be visible if you're an
admin and will take you to the admin settings. Is this what you asked for?

Other people having suggestions/ideas/thoughts on the design are more than
welcome to post them. We might start with this view in a few days so the
more feedback we can get on the design before starting the better.


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