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Barry Warsaw barry at list.org
Thu Aug 5 23:55:41 CEST 2010

On Aug 05, 2010, at 06:03 PM, Adam McGreggor wrote:

>IMO, it would be nice to:
>    *   Set one of those as my 'default' address for

I rather like the model that Launchpad uses.  You have one email address which
is your "preferred address" and in all default situations, it uses this.  For
example, when subscribing to a list, by default this is the address
subscribed, and if the system needs to contact you, it uses the default
address.  When you're changing which of your many validated addresses a list
should deliver to, you see one special select called "Preferred address".  The
nice thing about this is that you can change your preferred address and in one
fell swoop change all your deliveries.

Note too that non-validated but registered addresses are *not* shown in this
list (because we don't really know if you own it or not).

>        *   ... when I subscribe to a new list, from an address Mailman
>            knows about (hum, the fun part of this could be when
>            subscribing to a new list, with an 'unknown' address, 
>            and later migrating that to 'my account'),
>        *   ... sending 'system' stuff to (e.g., password reset 
>            mails).


BTW, the mockups look great!
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