[Mailman-Developers] Mailman MySQL adaptor - MySQLdb module error

Aaron Kreider aaron at campusactivism.org
Thu Aug 5 21:28:29 CEST 2010

  I'm trying to get the Mailman MySQL adaptor to work, while we're 
waiting for Mailman 3 to be finished.  I'd love some help!

I followed the instructions on:

I have a VPS (virtual private server) running Centos, cPanel, and 
Mailman 2.1.13.

I create a new list to test the adaptor.  When I go to the list's page 
it gives me an error.  Mailman's error log says "ImportError: No module 
named MySQLdb".

I've installed the MySQLdb module and am able to run a simple test 
script at the command line (that connects to the mysql database), 
without a problem.  So what could be the problem?

My setup has two versions of python running - one in /usr/bin/python and 
another in /usr/bin/python2.4, however both of them run the test script 
without a problem.  I'm wondering if having two versions might be the 
cause?  Or could there be a user permissions issue?

Test Script:

import MySQLdb

# Open database connection
db = MySQLdb.connect("localhost","testuser","test123456","TESTDB" )

# prepare a cursor object using cursor() method
cursor = db.cursor()

# execute SQL query using execute() method.
cursor.execute("SELECT VERSION()")

# Fetch a single row using fetchone() method.
data = cursor.fetchone()

print "Database version : %s " % data

# disconnect from server

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