[Mailman-Developers] MySQL adaptor - storing in a remote database - ping times

Aaron Kreider aaron at campusactivism.org
Thu Aug 12 20:33:44 CEST 2010

  I'm using the MySQL adaptor and am wondering whether it is acceptable 
to have the database in a remote location with a 30 ms ping time between 
it and the server that runs mailman? We'd be running medium sized lists 
of 100-300 subscribers.  It depends on whether the MySQL adaptor will do 
a couple queries to send out an email, or if it does a query for every 
single subscriber (in which case a ping time of 30 ms is unacceptable).

My organization has a database that is on a server in our office and our 
website server is located in a different spot.  So if we had the Mailman 
database in our office, it would integrate faster and easier with the 
rest of the organization database.

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