[Mailman-Developers] Exporting member info (including options)

Aaron Kreider aaron at campusactivism.org
Tue Aug 17 22:20:15 CEST 2010

  Examination of
> <http://trac.rezo.net/trac/rezo/browser/Mailman/MySQLMemberAdaptor/MysqlMemberships.py>
> (is that what you're using?) shows that it stores and uses
> user_options in the same way as OldStyleMermberships.py. hide, ack,
> not_metoo and plain are defined fields in the MySQL database table,
> but are otherwise unreferenced by MysqlMemberships.py.
I'm using that version.

This is very strange - why are there fields in the mysql table that 
aren't in use?
hide, nomail, ack, not_metoo,  and plain

I'm guessing they were either deprecated or the programmer planned to 
use them in the future.


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