[Mailman-Developers] Mailman/Forge Integration

Barry Warsaw barry at list.org
Sun Feb 14 04:46:01 CET 2010

On Feb 11, 2010, at 04:48 PM, christian.bayle at orange-ftgroup.com wrote:

>We (Coclico-project http://www.coclico-project.org/) have started some 
>work on a better integration of mailman and forges

Hi Christian,

This is really interesting work from a number of perspectives.  You might be
aware that my day job is working on Launchpad <http://launchpad.net> which is
a Zope-based open source (AGPL) software hosting service developed by
Canonical for development of Ubuntu.  As part of that work, I integrated
Mailman 2.x with Launchpad, and of course all of that code has been released
as part of Launchpad.

We did not override Security Manager, since we expose a much simpler (some bug
reporters would say *too* simple ;) admin interface to Mailman through the
Launchpad web ui.  We actually don't expose the Mailman web ui at all.  If
you're interested in more information about what we did, I'd be happy to
provide it.

(As an aside, I wonder if it would be interesting to find ways for Launchpad
to exchange information with the forges?)

Your patches are to Mailman 2.1, but that version is in maintenance-only mode,
so we wouldn't be able to apply them to upstream.  Our focus is on Mailman 3
and I would be really interested in any feedback and experience you might have
integrating that version with the forges.

>I know there is also some work made to integrate mailman and forge 
>forums, we would like to deal with too.

I'm very interested in this work too.

>Our next step is to make mailman a forge plugin to demonstrate how it 
>could make easier to use mailing lists in forges.

I intend to work on integrating Mailman 3 with Launchpad sometime in the next
six months or so (I'm temporarily working on a different project at
Canonical).  I suspect that the work to do this will have some overlap with
your work.


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