[Mailman-Developers] spammers harvesting email'ids [was] UI for Mailman 3.0 update

स्वक्ष vid at svaksha.com
Tue Jun 8 19:30:33 CEST 2010

On Tue, Jun 8, 2010 at 00:13, Barry Warsaw <barry at list.org> wrote:
> We can try to make it more difficult to harvest email address from mailing
> list archives and posts, but some of that is fairly difficult without
> disrupting the usability of the mailing list.

I had two suggestions or should I say, feature requests(?) :

0. Obfuscate the *-owner address on the listinfo page :: Allow the
admin to edit the MM-footer in such a way that a spammer cannot use
bots to click and spam the *-owner address.
ATM, this customization is possible only if you have access to the MM
installation--most admins dont. Currently, MM allows me to edit the
"General list information page" and remove the MM-footer but in a
Floss project, folks need to know who the list admins inorder to get
in touch with them (I can put the list admin names on the listinfo
page but how many people will read it?) and then, there is the
possibility of assuming "cabal".

1. Obfuscate/trim Email-id's in the archives::  Currently an email-id
is archived as "YourName at gmail.com" by MM. It would be nicer if it
was obfuscated to ""Your..... at gmail.com" like google groups does:
and ,

thanks and regards,
vid || http://svaksha.com

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