[Mailman-Developers] [PATCH] for the notorious Sender header

Malte S. Stretz mss at apache.org
Tue Jun 29 22:49:18 CEST 2010

Hi folks,

every now and then the Sender header added by Mailman is discussed on this 
list.  Patches float through the net.  The old FAQ is gone but for some 
reason I remember that it was point 2.3.  Guess I read it too often.  
Because every now and then I get bitten by the header breaking somebody's 
beloved Outlook.  Well, breaking as in "Hey, I got this mail inline 
forwarded from a list and don't have the original sender's address because 
all Outlook adds is 'From: Full Name (on behalf of list-
owner at example.com'".  Today I got pissed enough to actually tackle the 

Instead of the old just-get-rid-of-it patches arriving here, I implemented 
yet another option on the General page, just below the RFC 2369 options.  
It defaults to On to keep backwards compatibility.

You can find the patch against the 2.1 codebase in this [1] branch. It 
also applies with a little fuzz against 2.2.

The patch is quite simple but I'm not an expert of the codebase and 
couldn't really test it because I currently don't have the time to set up 
a local mailman.  But the test suite doesn't throw any errors...  well, it 
does throw a bunch of errors and fails but did this already before I 
applied my patch.

I guess it shouldn't be too hard to whip up a patch for 3.0 as well.  I 
just wanted to make sure (and start the old discussion again :) if it 
should default to On or Off.  If I interpret this [2] post from 2006 it 
isn't really needed.  (Hm, almost forgot:  I took some of the comments 
from James Ralston's patch from 2006 and added it to mine.)


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