[Mailman-Developers] Can i use the Bouncer API a Programm wich is not GPL?

Marc Egli egli at allink.ch
Fri Nov 5 18:36:51 CET 2010

Am 05.11.2010 um 17:55 schrieb Stephen J. Turnbull:
> The plugin really needs to be designed as a separate program with a
> single entry point and enumerated options (at most, with simple data
> types like strings and integers as arguments) to qualify as borderline
> here.  However, the Bouncer API requires two complex data structures
> (a mailing list object and a message object) to be passed in.  That
> pretty clearly is covered in the second paragraph of that FAQ, not the
> third.
> Sorry.  Like many in the Mailman community, I lean to the permissive
> side of the free software movement.  I'd like to say "sure, you can do
> that."  But you'd be at risk of being sued (by the FSF, no less) if
> you did.  IANAL etc etc, and you might want to get a more
> authoritative opinion from the FSF itself.

Ok but i can add a script to Mailman which accepts a path to a mail file, then reads that file and gives a csv list back. In my application i can exec this script. The script is under GPL and could bee added to Mailman if anyone else finds it useful.
Am i right?


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