[Mailman-Developers] Archives! Two neat demos from my GSoC students

Terri Oda terri at zone12.com
Wed Oct 27 18:12:29 CEST 2010

Barry Warsaw wrote:
> Do you want to integrate all of the archiver and search code into Mailman 3 or
> just some integration code?  Despite the way Pipermail's always been bundled
> with Mailman 2, I'm not sure that's the most productive way to structure the
> project going forward.  In fact, I'd like to split Pipermail out of the
> Mailman 3 bzr tree (and started to go down that path at one point) and MM3's
> architecture allows for much easier integration with external archivers (even
> multiple ones at the same time).  So it might make sense to structure the
> Syster's archiver work as a separate project too.
Right now, the archiver demos just eat Mailman mbox files for lunch (in 
theory they could be even integrated with a 2.1 installation) so 
splitting should be easy from a technical standpoint. 

But there's only a handful of developers working on this, and I think 
the overhead, however small, is more than it's worth at the moment.  So 
maybe we could keep them integrated for now until it's more clearly a 
win to split the tree off? 

Mostly, I don't want my own project right now: I'm worried that I'd wind 
up being a blocker on something due to limited time over the next 6 
months.  I mean, these demos were done in August and I'm just posting 
them to the list now... We can revisit splitting it off when I have more 
time or more help. :)

Meanwhile, I'll get in touch with Priya and Yian and see about copyright 
assignment and getting those branches merged into somewhere appropriate 
in the tree.


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