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* Barry Warsaw <barry at list.org>:
> One of the last major subsystems that I need to get working in Mailman 3 is
> bounce processing.  This is different than bounce detection, which has been
> successfully ported from Mailman 2, but doesn't differ in any significant
> way.  The question I am thinking about now is what to do with a bounce once we
> detect one.
> There are a couple of interesting things in MM3 that makes it different from
> MM2.  In MM3, users and addresses are global to the system, while membership
> is specific to a mailing list.  This means if we register a bounce on an
> address, we can have that score affect the address's subscription to all
> relevant mailing list.  We can also do things like automatically roll over to
> another registered and validated email address for that user, if there is one,
> or at least send notifications to the other address.

Here's an "I think while I type" section... ;)

Should we apply a global action to a local problem i.e. if an address in one
list bounces, suspend that address in all lists? Sounds like a good feature to
keep the mail system from wasting ressources, but is this a good service for
the recipient?

If a message cannot be delivered to a specific address is undeliverable it
usually is because
- the receiving mail system is down
  -> global action, because no list will be able to deliver a message
- the recipient does not exist anymore
  -> global action, because no list will be able to deliver a message
- the recipient never existed
  -> paradox: User never was able to verify list membership. Maybe she was,
  with another list and we just took the address for granted. We should always
  confirm an address for deliverablity reasons!
- the recipients mailbox is over quota
  -> global action, because no list will be able to deliver a message
- the envelope sender is being rejected
  -> problem! We can't tell if the specific envelope sender or the whole
  envelope sender domain was rejected. Action: Local. In dubio pro reo. In
  this case I'd leave it to all lists to learn that the particular recipient
  is undeliverable.

> There's also the question about how all the bounce scores are managed, and the
> knobs you as a list administrator can tweak to control how and when things
> happen based on the score.  Reporting and logging are also part of the plan.

We could apply a score and disable sending in all lists if e.g. three lists
detected the recipient address bounces. But what's the consequence? Once we
disable one recipient, should we apply that to all recipients in that
recipients domain? Looks like a great admin service, but also like a great
opportunity to shoot oneself into the foot automatically. It should be a
feature that must be called manually.

> Because MM3 uses a relational database underneath the hood, my plan is to have
> a single table that only appends new bounce events.  That way, Mailman will
> have a permanent record of every bounce that occurred.  Exactly what
> information we can or should put in that table is up for discussion.  I do
> plan also to keep all bounce messages in MM3's "message store" so that
> postmortem debugging is easier.

Send priority by reputation. Reputation deducted from deliverabilty or should
I better say receivability? We could create a domains or even a hosts
receivabilty record. Those with the worst record are the once we send to last,
because they likely will clutter our MSAs outgoing mailqueue.

On a sidenote: I'd welcome an abuse database to blacklist addresses in a
global range.

And I like the idea that each MM instance should offer these data as service
to other installations. Site-wide. Cross-Site.

> Because I'm just starting to think about all this, I wanted to throw this out
> to the list to get your feedback on things you'd like to see.  What is it
> about MM2's bounce processing that you like?  What don't you like?  What MM2
> bounce features can you do without?  What would you like to see added?

I am not acquainted with MM2 bounce features.

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