[Mailman-Developers] MM3: less generic names for scripts in $PATH?

Barry Warsaw barry at list.org
Mon Jul 11 17:47:51 CEST 2011

On Jul 10, 2011, at 11:07 PM, Paul Wise wrote:

>I was looking at Mailman 3 to see how many of the Indymedia patches
>for Mailman 2 would be still needed.
>The first thing that struck me was how generic the files that were
>installed in $PATH. I would really recommend mm-master, mm-runner,
>mm-onebounce or similar instead of the current master, runner,
>onebounce. Could that be changed?

MM3 is already way better than MM2 because as you observe, we only have 4
top-level commands now.  Almost everything that was a separate command in MM2
now lives under the uber-command `bin/mailman`.

I don't much like the `mm-` prefix.  Also, `onebounce` is just a helper, and
actually it should go away once I've completed the refactoring of the bounce
detector into a separate library (this is ongoing, but getting close to a 1.0

`master` and `runner` are a bit more problematic because they are pretty handy
as separate commands.  I don't think they belong under `bin/mailman` and since
they're of internal use only, I would never expect them to be installed into
/usr/bin.  More likely any vendor package would put them under
/usr/lib/mailman/bin in an FHS world.

I'm not sure MM3 can function with `master` and `runner` under
/usr/lib/mailman/bin but I would accept patches that made that work.  (Or at
least file a bug with a mailman3 tag).

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