[Mailman-Developers] A subscribe link

Clayton Brown clayton.brown at blueberry.co.za
Thu Jul 14 10:18:03 CEST 2011

Good Morning Mailman Developers       


I would like to know the following:


I want to send out an cleansing email to a list that I have, on the
cleansing email there must be a subscribe link.

When a recipient clicks on the subscribe link the recipient will
automatically be transferred into a new list called subscriptions.

Afterwards I have a subscriptions list and the old list which will be


Alternatively is there some way Mailman can put the recipient's email
address in a variable in the email the recipient is receiving.

Example: There must be a link on the cleansing email that looks like this:
<a href='www.test.com/subscribe.php?id=recipient at test.co.za'>Opt In</a>
It will be then easy for me to subscribe the recipient into a subscribe
database and just create a list afterwards.


The main point here is, that when the recipient clicks on the 'Opt-in' link
their email address must automatically be captured, thus removing a step
where they will be 

navigated to a page where they must first fill in their email address to be


I am in inexperience php developer, if there is a way that you know off
where I can capture the email's headers please let me know. Please remember
the way Mailman works in regards to posting an email. Does it allow for php
in the code or only HTML?



Thank You in advance

Clayton Brown


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