[Mailman-Developers] FW: A subscribe link, ATT Mark Sapiro

Barry Warsaw barry at list.org
Wed Jul 20 05:22:02 CEST 2011

On Jul 19, 2011, at 08:42 AM, Clayton Brown wrote:

>I understand your comments below and suspected such an answer.
>Let me ask you this, you know what our needs are.
>I we were to ask you to code/modify mailman to our needs, would you do this?

It's something that I think would be an interesting add-on for Mailman 3.  The
way I've rewritten the delivery modules, I think it wouldn't be too hard to
add a mail-merge type functionality, as a subclass of IndividualDelivery.  The
tricky parts would be enabling it on specific mailing lists (as opposed to
across the board), and defining a configuration that merges what Mailman knows
about the user, with some external database of additional personalized data.

If you think you'd like to experiment with this, I'd be happy to flesh it out

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