[Mailman-Developers] Mockup for New Design

Benedict Stein benedict.stein at googlemail.com
Tue Jun 21 10:14:26 CEST 2011

I'd suggest if we have this kind of subcription page for each list we
could change the subscribe button to unsubscribe once a user is logged
in - and add a small link if he's not logged in.

Am Montag, den 20.06.2011, 18:43 -0400 schrieb Terri Oda:

> Benedict already gave you a response about the summer of code project in 
> progress...  I encourage you to get involved with that!  For one, your 
> mockups are certainly pretty and I suspect your design input would be 
> much appreciated for making nicer Mailman themes.
> However, at a glance I see one flaw in your interface: no unsubscribe 
> button!  I know, this happens under "edit options" but as the unofficial 
> usability person on the Mailman dev team, let me tell you, that's a flaw 
> in our older versions and something we most definitely shouldn't do again.
>   Terri
> Andrew wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > I am sure very free software developer has the Mailman mailing list web page
> > imprinted into their mind, however after looking at it for the thousandth
> > time, I thought that there is a lot of uneeded information on a page where
> > there doesn't need to be.
> > 
> > Anyway I tried to improve it and the results are here
> > http://and471.deviantart.com/art/GNU-Mailman-New-Design-214023110
> > 
> > I would love to hear your comments on it :)
> > 
> > Thanks
> > 
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