[Mailman-Developers] Interested Google Summer of Code Student

Terri Oda terri at zone12.com
Thu Mar 31 10:30:42 CEST 2011

Nahuel ANGELINETTI wrote:
> When mailman3 will be released? 

The snarky answer is "real soon now" ;) We've been in alpha for a while. 
  The proposed Google summer of code project include some things we need 
before release, including a push on the web interface.  Barry can maybe 
give you a better estimate, but I don't think we're expecting a final 
release until after GSoC is over for this year.  But maybe we'll have 
such amazing students that an earlier release will be possible!

 > I'm interesting in coding a dynamic
> archive software, I already made base one using django for mailman 2 
> with some hacks (you can look there: http://archives.rezo.net/ ).

> My purpose is to create a software that can manager users, and permit 
> them to respond to emails, read private archives, set email aliases(if 
> they use multiple e-mails in differents lists hosted), and some "social" 
> features, like setting an avatar.

This sounds really great! You may find that some of those features, like 
setting email aliases, might be better packaged up with the other 
interface work for user settings, but I'm sure if you start with the 
archives themselves you'll find plenty to do and hopefully you'll get to 
the more social pieces later on.

Could you look over the use cases developed for the Systers archive 
project last year and tell us a bit about what other use cases you think 
would be important for the archives project, or how you'd prioritize the 
ones we already have?


There's not really a right or wrong answer for this question -- I just 
want to get more of an idea of how you're thinking about archives and 
how you expect them to be used!


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