[Mailman-Developers] mailman / archive-ui / licensing questions

Barry Warsaw barry at list.org
Mon Apr 9 00:09:47 CEST 2012

On Apr 03, 2012, at 09:33 PM, David Jeske wrote:

>I'm just going to charge down the path I was on and finish up something
>that's a great drop in for MM2/MM3. I'll even try to add some pipermail URL

I think that's an excellent way to go, especially right now.

>I'm a bit scared of a world where MM3 does not include any archiver. If
>pipermail popularity is any indication of how often admins 'stick with the
>bundled defaults', we could have an unreasonable number of MM3 lists with
>no archives at all.

Eventually, the GNU Mailman project will bundle a real archiver (not just the
dumb prototype one).  It won't happen for 3.0 so there's plenty of time for
folks to charge ahead and make the case for their favorite through

>Obviously the team is free to bless any archiver it wants, mine or others.

It depends on what "bless" means.  I think as a project we should make it easy
to integrate Mailman with any FLOSS archiver.  I'm also quite happy to include
the IArchiver implementation shim in the core for any FLOSS archiver (as long
as we can test it!) so that a site admin only needs to flip a few mailman.cfg
switches to turn it on.

It gets a lot more complicated if "bless" means to borg it into our project
management, legal, release, and development structure.


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