[Mailman-Developers] mailman / archive-ui / licensing questions

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Mon Apr 9 04:14:51 CEST 2012

On Mon, Apr 9, 2012 at 6:48 AM, Barry Warsaw <barry at list.org> wrote:
> On Apr 02, 2012, at 08:04 PM, David Jeske wrote:
> Probably the only way I'd change my mind about that is if RMS personally told
> us that we could still treat the non-copyleft donation the same way we treat
> all the other code, i.e. we can use the code and freely copy between them
> without any additional administrative overhead.

He won't do that, because it's not possible.  You cannot freely copy
from a copyleft code base into a non-copyleft code base; you must
indenture the latter.

What we can do is branch the code, and freely copy back-and-forth
between Mailman core and the code we got from the non-copyleft code

The potential costs of that I point out in another message, so don't
reply to this one. :-)

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