[Mailman-Developers] Wiki woes

Barry Warsaw barry at list.org
Mon Dec 10 20:37:18 CET 2012

On Dec 10, 2012, at 11:04 AM, Terri Oda wrote:

>I think in the latest wiki update I seem to have lost the ability to turn off
>rich text editing, and as a result it's nigh impossible for me to cut and
>paste some types of content from one page to another.  Also, some pages are
>now missing content (specifically, anything marked as a code snippet) if
>they're viewed without JavaScript.

Don't forget that we have a support contract with the hosting provider under
our open source license.  I think you've been CC'd on some of the previous
emails, but if you have any questions for them or Atlassian, feel free to
contact them about it.

>I know we've been under some pressure from the FSF to switch to a more free
>wiki, and they'd offered to find us some help in doing the migration. Does
>anyone know the status of that?

I haven't heard anything about it in months, so I'd consider it dead.  Not
that I'm surprised, frankly. ;/

>Because if we're using the wiki as our primary place for docs, not being able
>to see pages properly without JavaScript is potentially a really big problem
>for us.  And personally, not being able to cut and paste from one page to
>another makes it awfully hard for me to wiki garden so that things are easy
>to find and in the right place.

I suppose the other option is to just get a new moin site up and not worry
about migration, which is what I think has defeated all our previous
volunteers.  We'd have dual content for a while, maybe forever, and we'd have
to think about what to call the two hosts, but it's doable.  It might be
easier for volunteers to manually transfer information from one wiki to the
other than to automate that.  (Some content won't be transferable directly


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