[Mailman-Developers] Wiki woes

Barry Warsaw barry at list.org
Wed Dec 12 04:17:54 CET 2012

Hi Paul,

On Dec 11, 2012, at 11:15 PM, Paul Boddie wrote:

>I was under the impression that people would be following the dedicated 
>mailing list for this work (mmwiki), but it would appear that this is not the 

Dang.  You probably made me/us aware of the mailing list at one time, and if
so, I apologize for not engaging on it.

>In fact, it touches upon the very issue that seems to be causing problems
>now: Confluence appears to have changed and useful functionality has been
>removed.  Although this affects Confluence users in a negative way, it may
>have an impact on the exported form used in any migration work as well.

Again, darn.  I don't know if it helps but for this particular case, we can
get you access to whatever data you need, that might not be publicly available
via wiki.list.org.

>In short, after Bradley Dean's initial research, I have written something 
>which can convert Confluence content, although there will undoubtedly be 
>things that need finishing, and if you take a look at the ConfluenceConverter 
>pages, you may also be able to identify functionality that needs deploying or 
>implementing in MoinMoin depending on the project's needs.
>So, I would recommend that you don't start from scratch on this. If you like, 
>I can even make an example of the migrated content available on the Internet 
>so that you can see what needs doing, but you will, of course, need to let me 
>know. I was going to mail this list (mailman-developers), given that the 
>other one (mmwiki) seems dormant, and apologise for not having done so 
>earlier, but this initiative really needs input from the actual Wiki users to 
>be worthwhile, in my opinion.
>Please let me know if you want to take this work any further.

Mark and Terri probably should weigh in, but my own feeling is that the
conversion doesn't have to be of the highest fidelity.  E.g. if it gets us
80-90% of the way, that's probably good enough.  As Terri implies, I do think
the wiki could use a good gardening, probably splitting content for MM2 and
MM3 among other things.  I'm loathe to do much gardening on the current wiki
if we're going to make a switch.

If this is something you're interested in helping with, it would certainly be
greatly appreciated.

Is Moin 2.0 far enough along that we can just start using that?

(I love that you'll be able to author pages in reST. :)

We also need hosting, but I think we've had offers for that (sorry, I can't
remember the details, but they're in the list archives I'm sure).  Once we
have hosting, I can ask Matt and John to give us some A records.


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