[Mailman-Developers] Browser ID integration with Mailman

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Wed Feb 22 07:49:29 CET 2012

Florian Fuchs writes:

 > Agreed. Django's User model most definitely covers all our
 > needs.

What version of Django's User model are you using?  The vanilla User
is actually rather limited.  Or do you mean as augmented by
UserProfiles?  If the latter, do you have a specific schema for the
Profile in mind, or are you just referring to its flexibility?

 > The thing I am not sure about is: What kind of user info
 > ends up in the core DB and what should be stored in the web ui
 > db. In theory we don't need any kind of permanent storage in the
 > web ui,

We do, I think.  I think the core DB should be constant across
Mailman installations, and restricted to fields useful in "forum"
administration (ie, not restricted to mailing lists, although that
will be the main purpose of Mailman 3 at its initial release).  The
web UI DB storage would be optional and flexible.  But all fields and
tables available to the web UI should be accessed by the same APIs in
developing an instance of the web UI.

Also, some fields of the core DB may be provided by a third party in
vegetative state (eg, a personnel department).  We may want to allow
the web UI to augment, edit, or override some of those fields in

 > But this means we'd have two different data sources since the web
 > ui should not access the core db directly.

Yes, the core DB and the web UI's persistent storage would be
different.  But clients of the web UI's API need not know that, or do

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