[Mailman-Developers] Browser ID integration with Mailman

Florian Fuchs f at state-of-mind.de
Fri Feb 24 00:04:02 CET 2012

On Wednesday, February 22, 2012 07:49 CET, "Stephen J. Turnbull" <stephen at xemacs.org> wrote: 
> Florian Fuchs writes:
>  > Agreed. Django's User model most definitely covers all our
>  > needs.
> What version of Django's User model are you using?  The vanilla User
> is actually rather limited.  Or do you mean as augmented by
> UserProfiles?  If the latter, do you have a specific schema for the
> Profile in mind, or are you just referring to its flexibility?

By "User model" I didn't mean the actual vanilla User model (sorry for not being precise). 
I meant its flexibility and that it can be easily enhanced. Also how it's automatically added to the request object and accessible from the templates etc. 

>  > The thing I am not sure about is: What kind of user info
>  > ends up in the core DB and what should be stored in the web ui
>  > db. In theory we don't need any kind of permanent storage in the
>  > web ui,
> We do, I think.  I think the core DB should be constant across
> Mailman installations, and restricted to fields useful in "forum"
> administration (ie, not restricted to mailing lists, although that
> will be the main purpose of Mailman 3 at its initial release).  The
> web UI DB storage would be optional and flexible.  But all fields and
> tables available to the web UI should be accessed by the same APIs in
> developing an instance of the web UI.
> Also, some fields of the core DB may be provided by a third party in
> vegetative state (eg, a personnel department).  We may want to allow
> the web UI to augment, edit, or override some of those fields in
> presentation.

Good point.

>  > But this means we'd have two different data sources since the web
>  > ui should not access the core db directly.
> Yes, the core DB and the web UI's persistent storage would be
> different.  But clients of the web UI's API need not know that, or do
> they?

If they become aware of that, something probably went wrong... ;-)


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