[Mailman-Developers] Browser ID integration with Mailman

Florian Fuchs f at state-of-mind.de
Mon Feb 27 16:41:18 CET 2012


> Now, I think we can get notifications pushed from the core to the ui if we
> wanted, assuming the ui had some service to notify.  See my previous message
> on events.

Awesome! So the wui would implement a simple REST API for the core to talk to. Ideally it should be possible to "register" more than one web ui (the official ui might not be the only application using the Mailman API), so multiple parties can be notified of changes. 
Also, we should probably think about how fine-grained those "invalidate"-notifications can be. It's probably not necessary to invalidate the whole cache every time something changes in the core. 

> There are upsides and downsides to this.  For example, do we want to keep the
> logic for authorization in the web ui?  That would mean if you integrate the
> core with your own custom web ui, then it wouldn't gain any of the benefit of
> the authorization logic in the Django app.  OTOH, that might be just what you
> want, and I can imagine a site like Launchpad would prefer that, since it has
> its own user model.

I wonder what the main use cases are for custom web uis. My guess is that many ui-creators might not build the whole thing anew, but create smaller applications for single tasks like (un)subscribing to lists etc. In larger integration scenarios, auth might be taken care of at some other stage (a company intranet for instance or a content management system). 

> Note too that I will be giving a talk on MM3 at Pycon, but fortunately I only
> have to fill 30m. :)
I know - I'll definitely be there! (Always wanted to know what this MM3 thing is and what it can do! ;-)


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